Klinton Bicknell

Graduate Students

Yunyan Duan

background: Yunyan is a second-year PhD student in Department of Linguistics. She is interested in computational psycholinguistics, reading process, and natural language processing.

project: Refixation

Jordan Hosier

background: Jordan is a third-year PhD student in the Department of Linguistics. She is interested in the use of natural language processing models and statistical tools in the investigation of how the human brain solves problems of language comprehension, production, and acquisition. Her current research investigates the question of what type of phonetic information facilitates perceptual adaptation to foreign-accented speech.

project: Accent Adaptation

Adam Goodkind

background: Adam is a first-year PhD student in Department of Linguistics at Northwestern University. He is interested in computational psycholinguistics, natural language processing, machine learning and cognitive science. When not working on his research, Adam is actively searching for places in Chicago to play golf during the 9 months of winter.

project: Linguistics in Autism

Nicole Mirea

background: Nicole is currently in her second year as a PhD student in the Northwestern Department of Linguistics. Her interests include investigating how we construct and infer phonological grammatical knowledge from the language around us, as well as how this knowledge interacts with online memory, eventually leading to an understanding of how the mind represents phonology. In her spare time, she enjoys getting lost.

project: PhonoL2

Undergraduate Students

Cary Murray

background: Cary is a undergraduate Neuroscience Major who is also pursuing an MS in Computer Science. She is particularly interested in the way that sensory information is processed by humans and machines. She likes exploring how the knowledge of each may inform the other.

project: Gabors